Monday, May 7, 2012

5+02 Questions with Gallrein Farms (Kentucky Farm Wedding Venue)

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Gallrein Farms is a beautiful farm wedding venue located in scenic Shelby County, Kentucky. If you are looking for a rustic and intimate weekend destination wedding, this might be the place for you! Learn more about this elegant Kentucky farm wedding venue in my interview with Malia Hurst of Gallrein Farms below.

1. Tell us about Gallrein Farms.
Gallrein Farms is a 1,000 acre operational farm with a farm market, greenhouses and a wedding venue. We are a family owned and operated business, in the farming business for over 60 years. The wedding venue was added to the farm about 10 years ago.

2. What is so special and unique about Gallrein Farms in KY?
Gallrein Farms is a special place in deed. The views all around you will tell the story of what makes this place so special.

3. Where can couples take photos at your venue when they are getting married there?
Photo opportunities are endless here. The area is very large, and surrounded by beauty. There is a black tobacco barn next to the venue, and fields of crops, and pond with a dock that make unique and beautiful photos.

4. How do you help couples customize their weddings?
We try to assist brides as much as possible. We offer added services if need be so that your event can run as smoothly as possible.

5. Do you cater in house or do your clients hire outside catering?  What are the benefits to this?
We have an approved caterer list to choose from. There are several caterers on the list that are from this area, and surrounding areas. We have chosen caters that have come highly recommended, and that we know carry a wonderful reputation for catering to weddings. We have also chosen caterers from across the price scale to help brides fit whatever budget they might have.

6. How far in advance should a couple book for this venue?
The venue normally books up about 1 year in advance, but we work with couples that have short engagements as well.

7. Tell us why you think your venue is a popular choice for brides and grooms.
Gallrein Farms has been a wedding destination for many years. Because we have so many weddings here, we have upgraded our facility to suit the brides and groom needs. Between the facility itself, and the breath taking views that come with it, you can’t find a more perfect place to have your special day.

1029 Vigo Rd, Shelbyville, KY 40065
(502) 633-4849

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  1. This looks like a great place to get married. A small, intimate setting with no one other than your close friends and family! We actually got married in one of the NYC wedding venues venues and I think when you’re in good company, good memories are inevitable. Wonderful idea!