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5+02 Questions with Classic Pixels Films (Louisville Wedding Videographer)

Have you not committed to booking a videographer yet? Long after the food and decorations are gone, and the dress is preserved, you will be left with nothing but an amazing relationship, your memories, and your photos and video. You MUST have a video. They are the things that you will look back on and will show to your own children.
Photos are a given, so is video.”
I am a big, big fan of wedding films (and incredible videos like the one above can actually make me cry!) If you are looking for a videographer in the Louisville KY area, you can’t go wrong with Classic Pixels Films. They are AMAZING at what they do! Today, meet Erin Korbylo of Classic Pixels Films. As part of my series of vendor spotlights, I've asked her to answer 7 questions about their business and wedding videography.

1. Tell us about Classic Pixels Films and what makes your services so special, different and unique.
Classic Pixels creates custom, cinematic wedding films.  We approach a wedding from the point of view from within.  We strive to give a first person account, covering the perspective of many.  We typically don’t direct or dictate, but rather we capture what happens around us naturally.  Our best work comes when our couples forget that we are there; when they can just soak up their day and enjoy the moments.  You have spent years creating this story, we simply capture it in the most captivating and engaging way.  What sets us apart is our approach and our ability to style your film to match the feel that your wedding delivers.

2. What are the latest trends you’re seeing in weddings when it comes to videography and how you are keeping up with and/or keeping ahead of the trends?
One of the biggest trends in wedding videography right now is a Cinematic or Feature Edit.  Rather than having a 1-2 hour long documentary video of your wedding day (that’s typically boring), the Cinematic/Feature Film captures all the events and experience of the day, but when you watch it, you feel like you are watching a movie.  The Cinematic/Feature Edit is more about telling the story of your day than just documenting the events.  Sophisticated skills and equipment similar to what Hollywood has used for years has really allowed for wedding films to change drastically in just the last 5 years. This creates a wedding film that you (along with your family and friends) love to watch. Classic Pixels began offering this type of wedding film in 2010 and it has been incredibly popular.  We also invest quite a bit in continuing education in our industry.  We are great at what we do, but there is always something new to learn and we can always get better. We want to make sure we are able to offer our couples the best wedding film possible.

Another wedding trend is hiring lighting at the wedding.  Typically the lighting that is used is up lighting.  While this can add to the color of the room, it doesn’t add any light to the dance floor or the cake table.  Photo and video require light to make the best quality picture.  Often, the reception hall will turn the lights way low so you can see the up lighting, but you can’t see the bride and groom’s face or the beautiful table decorations that you probably paid a lot of money for. Thus you pictures and video may turn out dark and/or grainy. Keep in mind: Dark does not equal romantic.So, if you plan to hire a lighting company, make sure to ask about adding appropriate lighting to the dance floor and the cake area.  Not only will this allow for better photo and video, it will put an emphasis on these areas of the reception to draw your guests’ attention there.
3. Why should brides book a videographer? Aren’t you just going to get the same shots the photographer gets?
As one of our couples said, “Pictures don’t have sound.”  Would photographs be enough?  In my opinion, no.  Think of all the audio that will happen on your wedding day.  While you should hire great photographer to capture those special moments, they will be just still images of the whole moment.  With a film, you can actually hear what you dad said during his toast at dinner or see how your dress moved as you walked down the aisle or, one of my favorites, hearing the groom choke up as he is saying his vows to his bride.  A wedding film will bring out the emotion of the day and allow you to relive the experience anytime you like. 

One of the best tips I can provide for finding the right videographer is this.  When you are looking at examples of wedding films, you want to look for a wedding film that brings an emotional response out of you similar to what you want to feel when you will watch your own wedding film.  For example, if you can watch a highlights film for a couple you don’t know and you find yourself tearing up or laughing out loud, that company is a good fit for you.  If they can make you cry or laugh watching a stranger’s wedding, how are they going to make you feel when you are watching your own wedding day?  Your wedding video is something that you should be excited about because it’s not really a wedding day expense.  In reality you are creating an heirloom piece that you can share with your family, your children, your grandchildren.  You really won’t understand the value of your wedding film until your wedding day is over.  So much will happen so quickly and you won’t be able to remember it all.  Your wedding film will allow you to relive one of the most important days of your lives; the day that you begin your journey through life together.  So, why wouldn’t you want a wedding film?

4. What is your formula for making sure each shoot is unique and that all special moments are captured and recorded for posterity?
We don’t really have a formula that we use.  Every wedding we film a little differently. Each of our couples is unique and we want to capture what makes them who they are.  We want their family and friends to sit down to watch their wedding film and say, “That is who ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ are!”  So, we get a feel for our couple’s personality and find out what is important to them and we build our strategy for filming their event from those elements.  We also go over some tips with our couples that will allow us to capture their day to the best of our ability.  Since we attend weddings on a regular basis, we have seen what works and what doesn’t.  We are more than happy to give out advice to make your day go that much smoother.

5. Do you offer any special effects, especially during the editing process? 
We have all types of effects at our disposal during the editing process; however we strive to keep our wedding films as true to life as possible.  We have an extensive color grading process that we apply to every wedding film we create.  We can use those color tools to give your wedding film a tone or feel that matches the day while still keeping the colors accurate.   

6. What are some things or information YOU need (from the couple) to ensure a job well done?
A big part of our job is knowing what is going to happen ahead of time.  When filming a major Hollywood production, you can control who stands where and what is being said and what is going to happen next.  With a wedding, we can’t control everything because it is a live event; there is NO 2nd take.  And when you add 100-300+ of your closest family and friends, it can become unpredictable.  So, from a logistics standpoint, we need to know the flow of the day, the list of events with time estimates and what parts of the day are really important to you.  
Secondly, we like to capture the experience of your wedding and the feel of your personalities.  So, we meet up with our couples before the wedding day and just chat for and hour or so, to get to know you and your fiancĂ©e.  This gives us the best insight into what you guys are into and how we should film your wedding.  It also lets you get to know us so the day of your wedding, you are comfortable with us being around you.

7. When should couples begin thinking about videography in their planning process and when should a couple book your services? 
You should think about video when you are thinking about photo. These should be complementary to each other.  If you like one style of photography, you really should find a videographer who has a similar style.  That way, you are equally pleased with both.
Most of our couples book us between 9-15 months before their wedding day.  We have booked some on short notice, but it really just depends on our availability as we only film one event per day.
Just food for thought: If someone presented a wedding film from your grandparent’s wedding day, wouldn’t you jump at the chance to watch it?  Think of how you would feel watching your grandparents being young and in love as they are starting their lives together. What would that be worth to you? That is one of the reasons I believe a wedding film is one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself and your family.

(All images and videos used with permission from Classic Pixels Films. Thanks Erin!)

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